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Why Data Backups Are So Important

Our computers, smartphones, personal digital assistants, MP3 players, operating systems, and software are tools that we use to create and manipulate the content that is the most important aspect of computing - our data. Without your personalized data, the computing experience will be mundane and very generic. We need to be able to create in order to really feel good about what we’re doing.Many times people don’t realize how important their data is until it’s too late. I have see customers whom says, why do I need to spend $3,000 on a tape backup system just to archive, copy another instance of my data and then keep it? I’ve seen way too many people treat their hard drive’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet, and they’ll just pile anything and everything that they can find into an endless collection of files and folders that will be very difficult to make sense of in the future.
The whole point of technology should be to simplify our lives instead of complic…
I received a few phone calls this morning from my fellow network of grassroots leaders. They were cheering me and I thought, "huh what's happening?"... has PAP won the election already? I was thinking, it's not possible as the polling day is 6th May... after much persuasion finally these guys broke the news that I was published in the People's Action Party monthly "Petir Magazine".

The same afternoon, I received a hard-copy of the magazine with more phone calls and SMS insisting that I share it in my blog with the rest of the world. I was told not to be selfish. Hahahah... Yeah right guys...

So after some thinking I then decided to share it with all of you on what actually was written about me by the editor.

Too bad though, I am getting married on June 18, so I am no longer a bachelor that is "29 years young"! Heheheh...

Without further yakking-yakking... here's the article
(click on the image on the right to see the full story in A4 format --…
In early April 2006, I sign-up for the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE) after a preview session held in Singapore by Executive-Directions. The seminar was held from 15 April to 23 April 2006 in Subang Jaya Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The BSE in KL was organized by GlobeSL Sdn Bhd.

I left Singapore on 14 April via Transtar, the only 1st class coach service which has 16 seats to create a lot of room for your leg. They also provide hot meal during the journey with hot drinks on demand. The seats are equipped with a massage chair, a personal in-flight entertainment system on LCD screen, PC Games and the F&B Attendant will provide anything that you ask for. From newspaper, magazines, blanket, hot/cold drinks, a new set of earphones for the entertainment system... they have it all. They are most courteous and polite at all times. I truly enjoy the Transtar service. For SG$50 from Singapore to KL, it's worth it.

I arrived in Subang Jaya Hotel at about 10pm on…
It was 1.30am in the morning yesterday when I got started with the business proposal for an education project. By the time I am satiesfied with the entire content and deliverable, it is nearly 7am in the morning! The sound of birds chirping on a Sunday morning... very soothing indeed. I decided to take a nap as I'm attending a seminar for all YECs Chairmen at 8.30am at The Grassroots Club.

Start of Day

Went to bed at 6.40am and got up at 7.45am and as usual, I felt recharged and fresh again. That's the power of deep sleeping. I was at The Grassroots Club at about 8.20am and was the only other Chairmen whom is first to arrive. I met a gentleman in the lift whom I said "Hello" to and introduced myself. Found out that he's a YEC Chairman from Toa Payoh South CC.

Both of us clicked well as we build rapport, exchange views and ideas. Hai Tat is a smart man. I enjoyed his company throughout the day later.

The Arrival of the Other Chairmen

Then the other Chairmen starts arri…
It was my first North-West YEC Chairman meeting attendance in December 2005 at Zhenghua CC. By the end of the meeting, I was tasked to lead a YEC team-building program for all the 12 YECs in North-West region in March 2006.

Despite the challenges and last minute changes, the event was a success. I owe it to Roger Hamilton, Irene Millar, Penny, Dewi and the team from XL Results Foundation for sponsoring the games and for providing crew support.

I would also like to offer my thanks to:
Tan Hock Chye, our sound engineer for the dayOmer Farook, whom is our video man for the dayAlex, whom is the camera man for the day
Angeline Yee, for crew support and assisting me from the day the event was thought about
Hazel, whom assisted us in wrapping the gifts and providing crew supportJia Hui, the god-sent angel to my CC whom co-ordinates all the calls/meetings/cheque collections, etc.Kok Leong, Kwong Ping and his YEC team from Bukit Panjang YEC for all the gifts purchase, calling of YECs, etc
Bernard, D…
Youths in Singapore needs a lot of nurturing and guidance. Most of them are complacent, extremely pampered, rude, lack of morale ethics and can't even stand a little bit in the sun!

These are the very reasons why I joined the Ace the Place Community Centre in Admiralty, Woodlands in August 2004. I just have to do something about it. By October 2004, I was the Asst. Secretary of the Youth Executive Committee. It is rather interesting to see how youths could own and lead projects to create a difference in the society through the community centres. I was very happy to be given the opportunity to make a difference when I volunteered myself at the community centre (CC) in August 2004.

In March 2005, our Youth Executive Committee (YEC) decided to create some "noise" and "impact" youth program called Chill Out [see album]. The event was a success with more than 300+ youths attending it. We have youth bands, extreme BMX bikers, hip-hop dancers and great youth guitarists …
Finally got this blog up and running again. I shall start blogging again at least 10mins a day from now. I have not blog for the longest time since I lost the url of this blog when my laptop crashed in year 2001 (the same day I registered this blog)!

Can you imagine losing nearly 20% of your work data? It was my mistake of not backing up my data for that month. I lost nearly 1 whole month of work. Anyway, what a great lesson that has taught me. Now, I backup my data nearly every day at work and at home.

I finally found back this blog after losing it for years! Now that this blog is back in my hands, you'll see more development, postings, updates of my personal and professional life and truths on global issues being posted here.

Nothing will escape my mind as long as it bothers me and my belief system. That's a commitment I make and that's the choice I have taken to post my thoughts on-line. If you cannot accept my thoughts, you could leave a constructive comment with a note of "Hello".

Stay driven!