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It was my first North-West YEC Chairman meeting attendance in December 2005 at Zhenghua CC. By the end of the meeting, I was tasked to lead a YEC team-building program for all the 12 YECs in North-West region in March 2006.

Despite the challenges and last minute changes, the event was a success. I owe it to Roger Hamilton, Irene Millar, Penny, Dewi and the team from XL Results Foundation for sponsoring the games and for providing crew support.

I would also like to offer my thanks to:
  • Tan Hock Chye, our sound engineer for the day
  • Omer Farook, whom is our video man for the day
  • Alex, whom is the camera man for the day
  • Angeline Yee, for crew support and assisting me from the day the event was thought about
  • Hazel, whom assisted us in wrapping the gifts and providing crew support
  • Jia Hui, the god-sent angel to my CC whom co-ordinates all the calls/meetings/cheque collections, etc.
  • Kok Leong, Kwong Ping and his YEC team from Bukit Panjang YEC for all the gifts purchase, calling of YECs, etc
  • Bernard, Danny and his YEC team from Ulu Pandan YEC for all the logistics and site preparation
  • Penny for providing all the butterfly game materials and logistics
  • Dr. Maliki Osman, MP for Sembawang GRC, Parl. Sec. of MND & MCYS for gracing the event
  • Apple and Valerie, from People's Association for all the support and event preparation, the gifts, lanyards, etc.
  • Hazel and Mr. Pau from People's Association for attending the event
  • Anna, Lynette, Siti, Alex for crewing through out the day
  • Dewi and friends (Anna, Suanti, ...) for crewing through the butterfly game
  • Nazrul and Salawaty from Ace the Place CC YEC for all the assistance through out
To all the participants, THANK YOU for your feedbacks. It was a privileged to be the emcee for the day and to organize this event for all of you. Here's the album of the event.

Passion, Belief, Courage!


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