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How to reset Windows XP password

Some of you might have come across problems with your Microsoft Windows XP computers where you knew you have typed your password correct but the PC refused to log you in.

When this happens, it is due to the fact that your password file or registry could have been corrupted.

To resolve this problem, you can refer to this few guides;
How to Hack Into a Windows XP Computer Without Changing Password by RaymondHacking Windows XP from the Experts by McGraw-HillsHacking XP password by Hack in the Box
Have fun!

Want to be a Spider-Man? Soon, you can...

A "Spider-man" suit that enables its wearer to scale vertical walls like the comic and movie superhero could one day be a reality, according to a study.

So, you want to be a Spider-Man huh? Very soon you can - thanks to the Spider-man' suit secret which was recently revealed. Natural technology used by spiders and geckos could help a human climb the side of a building or hang upside down from a roof, the analysis suggests. The findings are published in the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.

For details go to

Contextual Thinking

Contextual Thinking: The Key to Success in Communicating Innovation Proposals
by Hector Ramos, COE Partners

You may have heard and read much in the last few years regarding creativity and innovation.. Or you may even have attended a creativity workshop that you found interesting, fun and helped you come up with some new ideas. Now your current employer may be requiring innovative input. However, you find that your suggestions are mostly ignored or frowned upon. This is mainly because nobody has told you the ‘thesecret’.

In the case of creativity and innovation, not only do managers have different ideas of what they mean, but they find it difficult to express them in a consistent manner. This results in resorting to clich├ęs such as out-of-the box thinking, or ideas producing bottom-line results. If there is such a variety in opinion, what can you do as a potential or current employee to provide the required creative and innovation input?


How To Gain Power and Attraction

By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Group

POWER. Some have it, some don't have it. Some crave for it, some lose it. defines power as the ability to act, to accomplish something; in short, the possession of control or command over others. Throughout history, people are attracted to powerful people.

Power comes in many forms; in our cavemen days, power is the ability to hunt, to bring food back to the tribe. When the Roman Empire ruled the land, the senator with the most connections was seen as powerful. These days, a combination of social status - the car we drive and the money we have - signify our power.

So is power reserved for the few privileged ones or can an average Joe exude a great sense of power? Is power in-born, acquired or can it be developed?

What is the structure of power? Why do some people get respected more often and attracts tonnes of business opportunities, better jobs, better prospects, better women or men to their lives while the others don't? How do we…

Problems logging on to Skype

Many of you may have difficulties in logging on to Skype this week. After checking with Skype, I was told that Skype is facing technical glitches and the Skype engineering team has determined that it’s a software issue. They expect this to be resolved within 12 to 24 hours.

Meanwhile, you can simply leave your Skype client running and as soon as the issue is resolved, you will be logged in. Skype have apologize for the inconvenience and has downloads of Skype software have been temporarily disabled. They have promised to make the downloads available again as quickly as possible after they fixed their glitch.

So there you go. Do not rely on 1 communication channel if you rely on VoIP for your business or to make important personal calls. Diversify and put your eggs in several baskets :)

You can contact me via Skype, MSN and GoogleTalk.

What Makes a Champion?

By NG Chang Siang, Education Success Coach
MindChamps Holdings Ltd

‘’ What makes a champion is a champion mindset. The champion mindset is the transferable commodity, not the skill itself. If you have done something great in one field, you are far more likely to do it in another ‘’ --Professor Allan Snyder FRS
I have a good friend who is a primary school teacher. He also takes on as a role of a coach in flaw ball for the students in his school. Guess what? He never play flaw ball before. Not even that, after he coached his students, they won a school team which was coached by a national flawball player.

That day I met him in our soccer game as we play soccer together every Monday. He played soccer very well and represented his schools when he was very young. I ask him : “ How did you do it…?” “ How can someone with no flaw-ball playing experience train and beat another team whom has an experience coach?”

He replied: “ Oh, I just use the strategy I know in playing soccer and apply to t…
Are You Adequately Insured?
By Stephen Mok, Financial Consultant
IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

My friend called me today to tell me that one of his friends had a motorcycle accident sometime back. He fell off his motorcycle and injured his head seriously. Fortunately he survived the accident but unfortunately, he lost his memory!!!

Now he is recuperating at a community hospital in Ang Mo Kio (Singapore) as he cannot stay too long at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, which is a restructured hospital.

As the sole bread winner of his family with two kids, he is now unable to support them. Who knows how long he will need to stay in the community hospital.

As an independent financial adviser, immediately the issue of insurance payout and the survival of his family sprung into my thoughts....

1) Will his Private Medishield plan pay for all his hospital bills?

2) Will his Life Insurance Critical Illness Policy pay a lump sum of money for his medical related expenses outside the hospital?

3) How long will hi…
OpenProj - FREE alternative to Microsoft Project

I wanted to share with all of you about Projity's important announcement last week at LinuxWorld.

Projity announced the release of OpenProj, a FREE (yeah, another FREE software) and open source replacement of Microsoft Project. OpenProj is available on Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac and is interoperable with Microsoft Project.

The best thing is, it even opens existing MS Project files! How cool is that? I read on OpenProj website that OpenProj has been downloaded on an average every 35 seconds around the clock at since they launched and made the software available last week.

OpenProj is now in the 99.99th percentile for activity on and is quickly becoming one of the most used open source solutions worldwide. The OpenProj folks are expecting about 11 million worldwide users and in my opinion, this has been an excellent start for them.

MS Project has been a key strategic solution for Microsoft w…
E-mail Still a Threat even though Attachments are Less Dangerous

Not everyone of us enjoy the “pleasure” of observing the tendencies of hackers, crackers and other bad Internet folks with good computers security skills on a daily basis. It may not be apparent that this is a constantly and rapidly evolving Internet world, with the bad computer folks one step away from the good. Moreover, whether the good guys or bad are out front, shifts from day to day.

Until not long ago, the common way in which Internet viruses and worms were distributed was through contaminated attachments in e-mail. For years, people were told not to click on these attachments unless they trust the source of the email and is expecting that attachment or they have scanned it with an anti-virus software. The message finally began to get through- years later and hackers had a problem. That’s good news, of course. But crackers are a resilient bunch, and their solution was to send spam with links seeking to get people to…