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Making Optimum Choices in Life

I was asked by one of my business mentees I am currently mentoring, "How do I make the most optimum choice in life when I am bombarded with possibilities all the time?"Life is full of choices. This choice, that choice, both choice or none of the above. THAT's a whopping 4 choice!  Choice can open the door to a whole new possibilities, not only at cross-roads on our path in life, but in each moment, giving us access to the bountiful of possibilities with which we can paint our world any way we want it to be.  We can choose a new action, thought or feeling at any time, and create an entirely new reality as a result.  Every choice has an impact or consequence, to a greater or lesser extent, each one like a pebble dropped in a pond; the ripples, the ramifications, spreading out into your future and other areas of your life. Even one small choice made today that shifts your life by a minor degree can take you to an entirely different future than the one you are heading, opening …

The Science of Sales - How to Prospect Professionally

It was a busy Wednesday and I received a call from a Sales Manager from a software company who is prospecting me and called me for a sales appointment. His purpose of calling me is to meet me. When I asked for what purpose? He said, "I want to meet you to find out more about your business." I replied, "Ok, understood and for what purpose?" and he got stucked with no answer. 

I asked him, "Is that all? Is this how you sell? What is your results?". This guy became very uncomfortable and started apologising. 

Folks, if you are out there to create value for the world, selling is a skill you must constantly develop! Always research the person, company or industry before you call them and "KNOW WHY" you are calling them. Don't waste people's time! 

When you call a Prospect, communicate the intention of your call, request for meeting and share how you have helped people or companies in the past and if you could be of assistance to them. If they sa…