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In early April 2006, I sign-up for the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE) after a preview session held in Singapore by Executive-Directions. The seminar was held from 15 April to 23 April 2006 in Subang Jaya Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The BSE in KL was organized by GlobeSL Sdn Bhd.

I left Singapore on 14 April via Transtar, the only 1st class coach service which has 16 seats to create a lot of room for your leg. They also provide hot meal during the journey with hot drinks on demand. The seats are equipped with a massage chair, a personal in-flight entertainment system on LCD screen, PC Games and the F&B Attendant will provide anything that you ask for. From newspaper, magazines, blanket, hot/cold drinks, a new set of earphones for the entertainment system... they have it all. They are most courteous and polite at all times. I truly enjoy the Transtar service. For SG$50 from Singapore to KL, it's worth it.

I arrived in Subang Jaya Hotel at about 10pm on 14th April. On the way up, I met with Vivienne Quek and her friends. After freshing up, I joined them at the hotel lobby for drinks and we chatted and get to know each other.

<-- From left: Vivienne, Roberto, myself and Betty

Day 1

It started at 11am where Ms. DC Cordova (see picture on the right) invited a handful of us for some clarifications. We were released at about 12.30pm for lunch and class started at 2pm with Dominique Lyone.

Class will start with all of the participant first singing a in circle. The songs that were played resonates within me. My favourite song of all is Livin' Right by Glen Frey. I feel very inspired and at the same time feel that I am transforming into a new person leaving my old self.

After the songs, we will then make physical stretches before retunrning to our seats. The stretching is to keep us awake so that we will not doze off in class. In case we are sleepy, we will be required to walk to the side of the class and stand-up. Well, at least no more fines! Hehehhe...

The lead trainer is Mr. Dominique Lyone. He advised us all to plan for something BIG. That "the only failure is the failure to participate!". All of us was told that we will be pushed out of our boundary and we must take RISKS! We have to be responsible for ourselves and we must not "lay blame" and/or "justify" for our actions or inactions. If anyone of us "lay blame" or "justify", the participants will "call it" and we have to pay RM2 and put the money in the big bowl on stage. What a great way to make us learn! I am loving this program already!

The rest of the afternoon and evening was filled with class activities. We learnt that an entrepreneur is someone whom is "willing to do what others dare not", that a "Business is a MONEY making machine". To survive, "businesses have to re-invent themselves every 5 years", adopt the Internet as part of your business strategy, and we must add VALUE to our products or services or "Rest In Peace" to our competition.

Day 2

BSE students start their days with a compulsory daily exercise. We will warm-up with Vasu, our physical instructor and then jog at least 2 rounds around the track behind Subang Jaya Hotel. During the run, we will push each other to do our best that we could and support each other to push our physical limits to the next level. I am one of them whom was pushed beyond my physical limits.

The first day, I ran around the track once without stopping at a slow pace and had a stomach cramp. The second day, I ran 2 rounds and occasionally slow down to walk. Honestly, from my point of view, I did a lot better than the first day. I was not contented.... to win the Olympics race on Saturday with my team, which everyone put in RM 300 for, I must be able to run as fast as I could with the team and complete the race with them together. My determination to win is extremely strong. I know we will win. To win, I must get my stamina in place within the next 5 days and run together as a team at the pace that everyone will reach the finish line together.

My coach: Jean de Traversay -->

After the run, we will go to the swimming pool to swim at least 2 laps in the pool. I was never a good swimmer and the last time I swam was about 9 years ago during my final year in Police Academy. To make matters worst, I have fear of depth! Arrggghhh!!! So, the time has come to face my demons and get on with life! YeeeeHaaaarrrr! Isn't this great?


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