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Download & Convert Youtube/Google/FLV Videos As iPod iTunes, .MOV or .MP3 Files
Several days ago I blog about how to download Youtube/Google videos which are in FLV format. The solution works for one of my friends and then he posted another question to me on how could he download audio files from Youtube? Since I have no requirement of downloading audio files from Youtube, I have never ask myself this question or seek a solution to it until now.

So, while "googling" for a solution I learnt that there are tons of tricks that let you download flash videos from Youtube or Google videos in either FLV or AVI format. However, not many solutions are available to convert these videos or audios until I came across - a website that automates the whole process with a difference.

With Vixy, you can download Youtube videos directly as a Quicktime video or an audio-only file in MP3 format. Vixy is effective in extract the audio portion from the Youtube video for you too! Very co…
Download YouTube & Google Videos from your web-browser

I have been receiving several emails the past month on how to save videos from YouTube and Google. So I thought, why not invest 30-mins to do some research on this and share the knowledge. I know some of us have that need to save the videos that you watch on Youtube or Google Video because it is funny, you want to share it with someone else or you want to use it as a reference point in your presentation. Or maybe, you are planning to transcode a video for playback on that new smartphone to impress your wife or new girlfriend. Or maybe you just want to edit that funny video clip into whatever multimedia project that you are working on.

The challenge is, you can only download a subset of videos from Google and as you already know by now (which is why you are reading this blog), YouTube doesn't even provide a download button for you to click and get that video you like so much.

Just for your quick reference, there are several wa…
RAID-1 vs. RAID-5 Explained!

In my line of business, I often meet customers whom asked me questions about RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) as they have been misled and/or confused by IT vendors whom are either out to make the most money from the customer by selling more storage/disks or they don't have an understanding of the customer's applications and storage needs.

Some of the most popular RAID questions I come across are:
I want RAID-5 as it is a better and faster than RAID-1. Is it?
Should I install the operating system (OS) and put data in different partitions of RAID-5?Is it ok if we divide a RAID into two partitions?
Does RAID-5 take a long time to rebuild?
Is RAID-5 (hardware-based RAID) a better solution than RAID-1?
Based on my experiences with MS Windows, Linux and UNIX-based (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX) operating systems since year 1996, choosing a RAID level actually depends on what application(s) you are implementing.

RAID-1 characteristics
One Write or two Reads pos…
After all the success stories and financial facts on savings, IT outsourcing is still not catching on with Small-Medium Businesses
Why are SMBs missing the boat?A recent survey revealed that small-medium businesses are falling behind in outsourcing IT functions. According to research by the Irish Computer Society (ICS), IT outsourcing has become common practice in Irish organisations, with some 72 per cent taking advantage of the services.
Smaller IT departments, however, appear to be holding on to their services inhouse, despite the traditional assumption that these firms would be more likely to farm out their IT applications."The fact that small organisations in Ireland are outsourcing IT services less than their larger counterparts perhaps suggests that outsourcing service providers do not focus their sales efforts on smaller firms," author of the study, Brian Kennedy of Lake Communications, said."However, a more worrying alternative explanation is that smaller organis…