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SUN Microsystems Possible Spiral Death?

I have always thought that SUN Microsystems is a confused company. Their strategies are unclear and they always sent mixed messages to the industry. While Scott Mcnealy was CEO, he guarded Solaris and JAVA while launching Linux initiatives.

Today I read in Reuters and IT Business Edge that SUN Microsystems is trying to avoid failure by finding a Buyer and after they had cut a deal with their one-time mortal enemy in order to get some much needed cash. Sun shares have nose-dived 77 percent this year, more than double the decline in the Nasdaq Composite Index .IXIC, to around $4 per share, a 13-year low. The stock is down 98 percent since year 2000, the peak of the dot-com boom. On top of that, in October 2008 they reported a US$1.7 billion quarterly loss!!! This has created speculation that the firm will be sold. But for what price do you sell a company that is losing US$1.7 billion a quarter, in a Buyer’s market?

Sun is a very complex company that would be very difficult for those tha…

Hacking Democracy - Bring this to the attention of Barack Obama!!!

Hello friends and supporters of Barack OBAMA, the Presidential candidate for America,

I am a Singapore citizen whom resonates with Mr. Obama and I want to see him elected as the new President of America. From my point of view, he seems to be *the* only candidate that has the ability to LEAD, to MODERATE, to QUESTION issues and to THINK deep about issues that are plaguing the world and America policies.

However, I am concerned that a similar incident of Presidential election could happen again which made previous Presidential candidate, Al Gore did not win the presidential election.

Recently, I saw a documentary produced by HBO entitled "Hacking Democracy" which shows that the electronic election system developed by Diebold, Inc. is probably "hackable" and easily tampered with!!! It only took 10-secs to "hack" the system to change the data of the e-votes from the memory card on the e-voting system!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know how this could change the …

Management of Money and Money as a Current-cy

Btw, just to add to my previous sharing, due to the responses I get in my personal mailbox.

Answering to the questions I received:

1. Yes, I negotiate for nearly everything I buy. It's my money, I earned it. Why should I give it away so easily?

2. Yes, I ask for discounts for everything that I am paying for and I request for something extra all the time. There's no harm asking. If you get it, it's a BONUS! If you don't get it, don't fret. Change your technique. 90% of the time, I get more value for what I am paying for. If I don't get what I ask for, I negotiate some more and if I like the person, I will still do business with them. If I don't feel like doing business with that person, I go elsewhere. I have a CHOICE. When you understand the value of money, you are in power. When you have the knowledge, you are in power, and with power comes clarity that give you CHOICES.

Imagine getting $5 discount for a $50 item I bought. That is a 10% savings! I can get a ve…

The Web Of The Future with Mozilla's New Aurora Browser

Story by The Channel Wire

The mad scientists at Mozilla went back into the lab after releasing Firefox 3 and have cooked up something that may be even more impressive. Teaming up with Adaptive Path, Mozilla wants to introduce the Aurora concept browser. Aurora was designed with the intent of creating what the Web of the future will look like. Featuring an integrated Web and desktop environment, Aurora functions in three dimensions on the desktop. The Aurora concept browser is part of the recently launched Mozilla Labs initiative. Keeping to its open-source roots, Mozilla is throwing open the doors for contributors to work with their teams to help shape the direction of the Web. "Today we're calling on industry, higher education and people from around the world to get involved and share their ideas and expertise as we collectively explore and design future directions for the Web," states the Mozilla Labs blog. "Our goal is to bring even more people to the table and…

I am a Money Magnet

I am a huge believer in continuous learning and growing. About 3-months ago I read the Millionaire Mind book by T. Harv Eker and attended his Guerrilla Business Intensive program in July 2008. It was pretty amazing. I learned a lot about money management and my relationship with money. It was a real eye opener.

T. Harv Eker emphasized that wealthy people aren’t any smarter, they just have better money management habits. The most important part of money managing is separating your income into different accounts for specific purposes. Harv recommended that you have 6 separate accounts. He calls it the 6 money jars.
Financial Freedom Account (FFA)Long Term Savings For Spending (LTSS)Education Account (EDUC)Necessities Account (NEC)Play AccountGive Account
Once your paycheck is cleared, immediately transfer your money to the different accounts. Harv calls it the World’s Easiest & Most Effective Money Management System. The percentage of money to be distributed are as follows:
10% FFA10% L…

Microsoft Exectives on Vista Problems

Seattle Post Intelligence reported: A federal judge today unsealed internal Microsoft e-mails that have been used to support the plaintiffs' case in the lawsuit over the "Windows Vista Capable" program. Snippets were previously read aloud in court, but the full messages go further to reveal extensive hand-wringing, at the highest levels of the company, over Windows Vista's hardware and software compatibility problems after the operating system was launched.

For example, one February 2007 exchange (PDF, 17 pages) started with an e-mail to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer from board member Jon Shirley, who explained that he upgraded one of his computers to Windows Vista only to find it was experiencing compatibility problems with two of Microsoft's own MSN applications. Shirley wasn't upgrading his other computer because of a lack of hardware drivers. As many early Windows Vista users know, Shirley wasn't the only one experiencing those kinds of problems, especia…

DNS Security Basics

DNS Security Basics

When configuring DNS for a network, there are several things an administrator can do to increase the security of the DNS servers.

A DNS zone is the database containing the DNS records for a network. Every DNS zone needs a primary DNS server and at least one secondary DNS server. It is important that each of the DNS servers contains the most recent version of the zone; the process that accomplishes this is known as a zone transfer.

It is good security practice to restrict zone transfers to the IP addresses of the DNS servers in your own network. For example, on the primary DNS server, input the IP addresses of the secondary DNS server(s)--this will prevent zone transfer requests from DNS servers or clients outside of your own network. On the secondary DNS server(s), input the IP address of the primary DNS server—this will prevent them from accepting zone information from DNS servers outside of your own network.

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