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Competition: How Eliminating This Word From Your Vocabulary Will Skyrocket Your Success

Competition: How Eliminating This Word From Your Vocabulary Will Skyrocket Your Success
this essay is extracted from Rok SIVANTE's Facebook Notes.
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How much of business & economic theory has been based around the concept?

What’s happened to this economy of ours, based on the scarcity model of which competition is a core principle? (For anyone who hasn’t picked up a newspaper in the last year - it hasn’t exactly been doing as hot as most would like)

What are the consequences of continuing to operate in the world from a belief system dictating there must be a winner and a loser in all outcomes?

Are your results really dependent on how others around you conduct their lives?

Your success in business has NOTHING to do with the “competition.” What any other company or person is doing has NOTHING to do with t…

F.O.R.M. - Tips For Networking Your Small Business

Beyond The Weather: Small Talk Tips For Networking Your Small BusinessBy Caroline Melberg

Have you ever been invited to a business networking meeting or luncheon, or thought about going to your chamber of commerce's networking events, but decided not to because you never know what to say to get the conversation started?

I've been there – and here's the simple trick I learned to help me feel comfortable with the cocktail party small talk. Most people who know me wouldn't think of me as "shy" – and I'm not – most of the time. When it comes to "networking" though, I used to struggle with making small talk.

That is, until I learned the F.O.R.M. trick.

F.O.R.M. works great because it works as a memory tool for when you are in social situations and you want to get to know the person you are talking with, and you want that person to remember you – and your business. Instead of talking about the weather, use FORM to make your conversation count.

F.O.R.M. st…