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Is Cancer a death sentence?

Is Cancer a death sentence?
By Stephen Mok, Financial Consultant, IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

Within a short span of 6 months, 2 female relatives of mine had been diagnosed with cancer. Both are in their early sixties. One had cancer of the womb and the other had bone cancer.

The first one was a simple factory worker, staying in a 3-room flat while the second was a multi-millionaire business woman, staying in District 9. Both were expected to live for a few months as they were at the fourth stage of cancer. They did not detect the cancer cells earlier due to ignorance and refused to go for medical checkups.

1) The first relative was warded at Kandang Kerbau Women and Children’s Hospital (a government restructured hospital) and underwent chemotherapy after the doctors confirmed the presence of the cancer cells. She went in and out of the hospital many times for check ups, scans, medication and counseling.

Unfortunately she suffered a stroke after a week of chemotherapy and became bedridd…

Pfizer PCs hijacked - to send Viagra spam

As most of us have known today, Viagra is manufactured by Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceuticals and it is the most widely used spam. Now, can you imagine if your business computers are compromised by black-hat hackers to send out Viagra spam?

Here you are - a business owner operating a growing small-medium business and have become a trusted adviser to your clients. Now, imagine this - you did not continuously invest to upgrade and protect your network computers and diligently get someone to make sure that your network is secure and IT Security policies are being practiced by all your staff. Your last network firewall purchased was 3-years ago and all your PCs are installed with an anti-virus software.

After being called by your Internet Service Provider, you realized that several of your PCs has malicious software which was silently installed without the PC users even knowing. Now, what are you going to do about this?

After you ponder about it for several minutes, read this story from ComputerWor…