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It was 1.30am in the morning yesterday when I got started with the business proposal for an education project. By the time I am satiesfied with the entire content and deliverable, it is nearly 7am in the morning! The sound of birds chirping on a Sunday morning... very soothing indeed. I decided to take a nap as I'm attending a seminar for all YECs Chairmen at 8.30am at The Grassroots Club.

Start of Day

Went to bed at 6.40am and got up at 7.45am and as usual, I felt recharged and fresh again. That's the power of deep sleeping. I was at The Grassroots Club at about 8.20am and was the only other Chairmen whom is first to arrive. I met a gentleman in the lift whom I said "Hello" to and introduced myself. Found out that he's a YEC Chairman from Toa Payoh South CC.

Both of us clicked well as we build rapport, exchange views and ideas. Hai Tat is a smart man. I enjoyed his company throughout the day later.

The Arrival of the Other Chairmen

Then the other Chairmen starts arriving... familiar faces like Alvin (Woodlands CC YEC), Shaikh (Nee Soon Central YEC), Ismawati (Canberra YEC) and Kok Leong (Bukit Panjang YEC) arrived. As usual, I wear my networker hat and network with the new faces. Met up with Faiz, a 21-year old student whom enjoys studying and wished that he could study for the rest of his live. Interesting view indeed.

I decided to form our party alliance. Hahahha... apparently they all liked my "manifesto" and I managed to quickly convinced them to join "my party". For the next half of the day, we had a lot of fun exchanging views while the presenter shares his information.

Information Exposed!

All the Chairmen were exposed to very interesting information. One of them was the Community Emergency Response Team or CERT for short (definitely not the Computer Emergency Response Team). CERT is initiated by the Singapore Civil Defense Force.

The objective of CERT is develop their own localized self-help response unit at the residential level to provide faster emergency response service to the community. In times of an emergency, the CERT members will be activated by the Civil Defence Executive Committees and they will be the first to respond to the incident site prior to the arrival of the professional emergency responders. At the site, the CERT will assist to evacuate the residents to places of safety, help to put out incipient fires and render basic first aid and CPR to those in need. The formation of CERT has received widespread support from the community and the grassroots.

Next NW-YEC Project?

Shaikh then highlighted to me that we should do a North-West YECs project together and get CERT to run a joint program with the YECs which I thought was a brilliant idea to prepare our youths and empower them with knowledge.

After the tea-break at 10.30am, we came back and sat through the next speaker, one Mr. Vas whom is an ex-army personnel and has now left the army to practise Neural Linguistics Programming as a coach through his company Leading Performance Pte Ltd.

It was a reminder for me as I learnt the basics of NLP at XL Results Foundation through Chief Coach, Dave Rogers during our Life Coaching and Wealth Coaching sessions.

Overall, the event was awesome! Thanks to the team from PAYM for organizing this event.


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