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Hacking Democracy - Bring this to the attention of Barack Obama!!!

Hello friends and supporters of Barack OBAMA, the Presidential candidate for America,

I am a Singapore citizen whom resonates with Mr. Obama and I want to see him elected as the new President of America. From my point of view, he seems to be *the* only candidate that has the ability to LEAD, to MODERATE, to QUESTION issues and to THINK deep about issues that are plaguing the world and America policies.

However, I am concerned that a similar incident of Presidential election could happen again which made previous Presidential candidate, Al Gore did not win the presidential election.

Recently, I saw a documentary produced by HBO entitled "Hacking Democracy" which shows that the electronic election system developed by Diebold, Inc. is probably "hackable" and easily tampered with!!! It only took 10-secs to "hack" the system to change the data of the e-votes from the memory card on the e-voting system!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know how this could change the …

Management of Money and Money as a Current-cy

Btw, just to add to my previous sharing, due to the responses I get in my personal mailbox.

Answering to the questions I received:

1. Yes, I negotiate for nearly everything I buy. It's my money, I earned it. Why should I give it away so easily?

2. Yes, I ask for discounts for everything that I am paying for and I request for something extra all the time. There's no harm asking. If you get it, it's a BONUS! If you don't get it, don't fret. Change your technique. 90% of the time, I get more value for what I am paying for. If I don't get what I ask for, I negotiate some more and if I like the person, I will still do business with them. If I don't feel like doing business with that person, I go elsewhere. I have a CHOICE. When you understand the value of money, you are in power. When you have the knowledge, you are in power, and with power comes clarity that give you CHOICES.

Imagine getting $5 discount for a $50 item I bought. That is a 10% savings! I can get a ve…