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High-speed wireless video transfers 100X faster than WiFi

IBM is looking to change the way you watch video. The company today is announcing microprocessor chipsets that can wirelessly transmit high-definition video between computers, televisions and handheld devices in the time it takes to push the Play button.
IBM will do this by teaming with MediaTek to launch a joint initiative to develop these ultra fast chipsets that will let users rid their homes and offices of the cumbersome wires needed to connect their HD-TVs to set top boxes and or other devices. The companies will be developing millimeter wave (mmWave) radio technology -- the highest frequency portion of the radio spectrum -- 60 gigahertz rather than 2.4 gigahertz -- and digital chipsets that enable at least 100 times higher data rates than current Wi-Fi standards, IBM said in a release.
Users could upload a 10 gigabyte file in five seconds with the new technology versus 10 minutes using current Wi-Fi technology. mmWave wireless technology can be widely used at home and offic…

Keep your mail servers off blacklisting sites

Keep your mail servers off blacklisting sites and avoid being flagged as spam!
by Moonshi Mohsenruddin, CEO CommGate, Inc.

Greetings! This blog will be shared by my fellow team mates - Mr. Tan Hock Chye, Technical Manager, Mr. Ramesh Raman, Chief Technology Officer and Mr. Abhik Biswas, Chief Marketing Officer of CommGate. We will be posting alternately, in attempt to bring mind blowing technology thoughts to you on a regular basis. If you would like to read more about who we are and what we do, please do check out our profile on our corporate website.

These days, it seems like every other email servers/hosts are tightening the screws on their email servers just a little bit more in order to battle against spam and viruses. Generally speaking, having more servers out there tightening their security and policies is a good thing. However, if you do not follow some basic precautions on your own email server(s), valid email from your hosted email domains may start to be flagged as spam, ret…

Difference Between Gelato and Ice-cream

COMMON QUESTIONS ASKED - Is there really a difference between gelato and ice cream?
by Aida See, Owner of Frutta la Viva -

The ONE question that many has asked. Is there a difference between Gelato and Ice-cream? To many of us, it is a question that we want to find out the answer but have not met an expert that could provide the advice. So here is the truth, the ultimate truth and nothing else but the truth!

The answer to the question is....

Definitely! The difference are:

Two basic differences that distinguish Italian gelato from ice cream are the fat and air.Gelato is comprised of 90% milk, as opposed to the 50/50 mix of milk and cream in most ice cream.
Gelato is made with more milk and less cream, so there’s less butterfat. Generally gelato has less than 8% butterfat, as compared to ice cream which has more than 18% butterfat.Less fat content does not make gelato any less tasty. On the contrary, the gelato becomes less s…