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Making Optimum Choices in Life

confused man on choices

I was asked by one of my business mentees I am currently mentoring, "How do I make the most optimum choice in life when I am bombarded with possibilities all the time?"

Life is full of choices. This choice, that choice, both choice or none of the above. THAT's a whopping 4 choice! 
Choice can open the door to a whole new possibilities, not only at cross-roads on our path in life, but in each moment, giving us access to the bountiful of possibilities with which we can paint our world any way we want it to be. 
We can choose a new action, thought or feeling at any time, and create an entirely new reality as a result. 
Every choice has an impact or consequence, to a greater or lesser extent, each one like a pebble dropped in a pond; the ripples, the ramifications, spreading out into your future and other areas of your life.
Even one small choice made today that shifts your life by a minor degree can take you to an entirely different future than the one you are heading, opening doors to a myriad of new possibilities, opportunities, situations, potentials and states of being.
I’ve no doubt you can remember choices you made weeks, months or years ago that have significantly changed who and where you are right now. Perhaps you can also think of choices you didn’t make and wonder where your life may have ended up, for better or worse, if you had.
The good news with choice is, you can make a new one at any moment! So, before making any new choice, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this choice based on fear or love?
  2. Does this choice take me closer to my vision, dreams, goals, and heart’s desires?
  3. Does this choice reflect the best of who I am, who I desire to be, and the future I wish to create?
  4. Is this choice in alignment with my values, principles and heart?
  5. Is this a "safe choice" keeping me from going beyond my comfort zone?
  6. Is this someone else’s choice?
  7. Which ‘me’ is choosing this? Is it my child, adolescent, ego or mature & calm adult self?
  8. Is this choice coming from negative beliefs or stories?
  9. Is this a winner’s choice?
  10. Does my intuition respond positively to this choice?
  11. Does this choice feel more 'Yes' or more 'No'?
  12. Is this a true choice of personal desire, or one of sacrifice or obligation?
  13. Is this an informed choice?
  14. Do I have enough data and facts to support my choice?
  15. What is the possible short and long-term impact of this choice? Does one cancel out the merit of the other? (For example, is your choice worth the short-term pleasure if it leads to future pain?)
  16. Is this choice aligned to my brightest future?
  17. What is the impact of this choice on myself and others?

That's it. Those questions are just a guidance. 
Don’t worry if you aren’t clear on answers to all these questions, they are shared to aid reflection. Simply going through them may help you become clearer about making your choices, bring to light possible blind-spots, open you to new perspectives in relation to your choice, and shed light on possible limiting agendas and beliefs that may be impacting your choices.  
Perhaps you have no choice in mind at present, in which case, ponder on this question once again:
What choice could you make today that would change your life for the better this week/month/year ahead? There may be several. 
Till then, stay driven!
Moonshi Mohsenruddin


Ruth Francis said…
Nice choice Moonshi.

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