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My Daily Motivational Process

People ask me fairly often how I've kept myself motivated daily and regularly post quotes every 2 ~ 3 hours for the past 2+ years that I've been using social media. It's quite simple actually. I begin every day with the following commitments:

1. Gratitude. Today I am thankful for all the wonderful things in my life: my sight, my voice, my hearing, my experiences, my brain, my existence, my health, my home, my family, my mastermind brothers, my friends, my colleagues, my customers, my business, my home, my mentees, my mentors, my advisers, my successes and, yes, my work. 

2. Creativity & Learning. Today I will seek opportunities to think and do something new and different and thereby changing the world for the better. I read positive quotes and schedule posting of those quotes that resonates with me. I also seek to learn at least 1 thing everyday. 

3. Planning & Prioritisation. I plan my day every morning before I leave home. I review all my projects, tasks, meetings, todos, calls to return, emails to follow-up, etc. and I prioritise which needs to be completed today, tomorrow, next week, next month, etc.  

4. Resourcefulness. Today I will become strong by overcoming obstacles with persistence and flexibility while asking for help and support within my circle of influence and networks. 

5. Enthusiasm. Today I will permit myself to become excited in anticipation of whatever might happen. YeeeeeHaaaaarrrr!!! I meet people, I share my passion on what I do and how I make it into a business and how the business is an extension and an expression of me.  

6. Perceptiveness. Today I will look beyond my preconceptions to see the truths that I missed before. 

7. Appreciation. Today I will remember the miracle of conscious existence, which is all too soon over. Life is short, I can die at any moment, I will live life to the fullest and seize the day. 

8. Sensitivity. Today I will remain aware of the emotions of others and how they interact with my own. 

9. Relaxation. Today I will spend at least 30-mins to 1-hour doing something that's just because I enjoy it.

10. Happiness. Today I will do my best to remain happy, regardless of the circumstances of the hour.

11. Power. Today, I will use some of whatever power I possess in the service and for the welfare of others.

12. Health. Today, I will take action to ensure that I'm in better health than I was yesterday or the day before. I meditate, rest my mind (state of no mind), walk and do light exercises. 

13. Wonder. Today I will sit back and marvel at the unexpected, without which life would be boring. I enjoy watching the clouds, sun-sight and sun-clipse, smelling the rain and marvel at the magnificence of life. 

14. Playfulness. Today I will express, at least once, the joy of the child who still lives inside me. I make fun of myself, crack jokes and laugh a lot with whomever I meet daily. I also disturbs my friends and jokes with them via Facebook. 

What are your thoughts? How do you motivate yourself daily towards your grandest vision and desired outcomes?


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