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Management of Money and Money as a Current-cy

Btw, just to add to my previous sharing, due to the responses I get in my personal mailbox.

Answering to the questions I received:

1. Yes, I negotiate for nearly everything I buy. It's my money, I earned it. Why should I give it away so easily?

2. Yes, I ask for discounts for everything that I am paying for and I request for something extra all the time. There's no harm asking. If you get it, it's a BONUS! If you don't get it, don't fret. Change your technique. 90% of the time, I get more value for what I am paying for. If I don't get what I ask for, I negotiate some more and if I like the person, I will still do business with them. If I don't feel like doing business with that person, I go elsewhere. I have a CHOICE. When you understand the value of money, you are in power. When you have the knowledge, you are in power, and with power comes clarity that give you CHOICES.

Imagine getting $5 discount for a $50 item I bought. That is a 10% savings! I can get a very good plate of chicken rice for that $5 savings! If I am able to negotiate $5 discount 100 times a year, that is $500 savings! I can fly to Bangkok with $500 for a quick weekend getaway, stay for 3D2N in a nice cosy hotel and enjoy a sumptuous Thai buffet without a dime spent from my own pocket! All this because I am smarter with my own money!

I even negotiated with my credit card company. Since they also are a consumer bank, I requested the bank to give me an offer of a loan. For the fun of it, I negotiated a loan of $200,000 that has a 12% p.a. interest rate. After a 30-mins negotiation, the bank got back to me 2-days later and offer me a $200,000 loan at 6.2% interest p.a.!!! Wow!!! Isn't that fantastic? However, I did not take it... but do you know how much savings that is per year if I take the offer and use it to create more value and build a business around the money and generate at least 50% returns on it?

When the bank customer service personnel told me they can't give me a discount on my credit card, I ask for something else e.g. Is it possible that you top up my credit card points with an additional 20,000 points? They may not give you 20,000 points and instead give you 5,000 points and that's better than not getting anything at all right? What if they say that they can't give you reward points? I will ask for dining or shopping vouchers. If that is not possible, ask them what can they give away to make me a happy client so that I will stick with their bank and refer them potential clients? Isn't that what we all want? More business because we offer guaranteed value?

Reasons why I do what I do:

1. Money is a curren-cy. Current is energy and energy is constantly flowing. So, I must understand how money flows. I must love and respect money to be able to attract money to me.

2. The smarter I am with money management, the more money is attracted to me. The more money is attracted to me, the easier it is for me to earn my money and the easier it is for me to grow my money and make my money work for me.

3. Money is like a magnet. It flows towards people whom knows how to love, respect and manage it. If I don't know how to manage my money, money will go out of my hands and flow into the hands of people whom knows how to manage money better. This explains why some people can earn $200,000 a year and still have no savings or worst still - have debts!

4. So, learn finance. Learn to negotiate fairly. Apply your learning and see how your net worth grows. It is interesting for me to find out that I have clients demanding for my time and expertise and willing to pay me $1,880 per hour to engage me to perturbate them and their staff with business, finance and systems related questions and issues. They invested $150,000 in total with me for my time, knowledge, and experience. In the end, I deployed several IT systems for them and now their business productivity level is UP, employees are a LOT happier with a business system that they can easily use and follow, the SYSTEM does not allow them to make anymore costly mistakes and because of that, their productivity goes UP, their confidence level goes UP, their self-esteem is UP, the boss is HAPPY, the finance team gets all their data on a CLICK of a button and their clients get their products and services FASTR! Now, their gross profit is UP by more than 10% while costs is down by 15%! Can you imagine how much savings that is per year for a business whose gross revenue per year is US$30+ million?

So, what is your net worth?

My question to you:

1. Check your bank balance. Are you happy with the amount in your bank account?

2. If you are not happy with the balance, reflect upon yourself and your belief system and ask yourself WHY despite being a graduate with economics, finance and business knowledge, you have not been able to attract money? WHAT is limiting you? WHAT are your hierarchy of VALUES in life? HOW can you locate your life's blockages? WHEN did you learn the programmings that is limiting you? WHO can help you release your blocks? WHERE is the blockage in your life? WHAT can you do to fix it? Ask yourself are you APPLYING what you learn because, To KNOW and NOT to DO is NOT YET TO KNOW...

3. If you KNOW there are something inside you that you need to RELEASE, FIX or let go, go fix it. If there is a LIMITING BELIEF that is holding you back, go find out what it is. Ask yourself, "Are there any other emotional baggage that I have not let go of?". Dig deep and check with yourself if you have any relationship issues, parental issues, spirituality issues, trust issues or integrity issues that you need to fix.

Once you fix it and be congruent with yourself, life is light, easy, joyful and blissful.

I am always excited to check my growing bank account, my weekly personal and business cash flow statements and especially my personal investment statements.

Do you?


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