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Difference Between Gelato and Ice-cream

COMMON QUESTIONS ASKED - Is there really a difference between gelato and ice cream?
by Aida See, Owner of Frutta la Viva -

The ONE question that many has asked. Is there a difference between Gelato and Ice-cream? To many of us, it is a question that we want to find out the answer but have not met an expert that could provide the advice. So here is the truth, the ultimate truth and nothing else but the truth!

The answer to the question is....

Definitely! The difference are:

  • Two basic differences that distinguish Italian gelato from ice cream are the fat and air.
  • Gelato is comprised of 90% milk, as opposed to the 50/50 mix of milk and cream in most ice cream.
  • Gelato is made with more milk and less cream, so there’s less butterfat. Generally gelato has less than 8% butterfat, as compared to ice cream which has more than 18% butterfat.
  • Less fat content does not make gelato any less tasty. On the contrary, the gelato becomes less solidly frozen and melts in the mouth faster, thus there’s a greater ability to taste the intensity of the fresh ingredients almost immediately.
  • Furthermore, gelato contains only 34% or less of air while ice cream is filled with as much as 60-120% air.

Both gelato and ice cream can be produced in the same type of ice cream machine (a batch freezer). However, gelato is spun at a much lower speed, minimizing the overrun (the amount of air whipped in). Because of the low overrun, gelato can weigh twice as much as regular ice cream and is therefore much denser.

The greater density, along with the lower butterfat and the freshness of ingredients give gelato a creamier, smoother and richer flavor than traditional ice cream, resulting in a much tastier and healthier alternative.

What exactly is gelato?

Gelato comes from the Italian word gelare, which means, 'to freeze.' It is actually an Italian freezing cold dessert, made with milk and sugar, combined with exotic flavouring.

Gelato is prepared with fresh fruit or ingredients such as pure chocolate, chocolate chips, cocoa, dried fruit and nuts or cookies.

A form of gelato is also made with water, without milk and is called sorbetto. This water-based gelato originated in Southern part of Italy and Sicily, whereas the milk-based gelato is from the Northern Italy.

Gelato, beside naturally very low in fat, is a healthier, tastier and weight-friendly counterpart to ice-cream, and has no added preservatives or artificial flavourings. It is a new taste that are getting people hooked on for a healthier choice.

Gelato at its best

We, at Frutta la viva take great pride in the preparation, and pay attention to the quality of ingredient used in the process. We ensure that our gelato is made using only the highest quality of natural and finest ingredients imported from Italy. We made our gelato in small batches and is made fresh and served fresh.

Our gelato is rich and flavourful, yet is lower in fat . Our gelato is also deliberately made less sweet for the more healthy conscious individual.

Our gelato comes in endless exciting flavours: Chocolate, Bacio (chocolate and hazelnut), Chocolate with mint, Lemon, Strawberry, Stracciatella (vanilla and chocolate).

For lovers of chocolate, there's a lot to choose from. For the nut crazy, there's Nocciola (pure hazelnut). Also must try is our gianduia, a delicious blend of chocolate and granulated hazelnut. But for those who don't like nuts but are nuts about chocolate, try our cioccolato (dark chocolate).

Also must try is our Tiramisu, Donatella, Pistachio, Cookies and Cream and the list goes on. We have 37 flavours and we rotate some of flavours in addition to our regular flavours on a weekly basis.

In Singapore, we are fortunate to get our fruits throughout the year. Most of our fruit flavours are therefore not dependent on season. For example our Lemon, Rock Melon, Green Apple and especially our Durian are some of the most sought after flavours and available almost every day.

Although low in fat and low in sugar, yet you will find our gelato rich and intense in flavour. This is because all our fruit flavors (ie: Durian, Mango, Strawberry, Apple, etc.) are created using fresh fruit pulp. The flavors and colors are derived from high percentage of natural fruit pulp only. These products contain no artificial flavors.

In today’s low-fat world, Gelato is the dieter's friend. At Frutta la viva, you can now indulge in the goodness of the cold dessert without feeling guilty.

Taste and know the difference. With just one taste, let our gelato become a part of your everyday life and let it travel you to the doorway of Italy.

So, come pamper yourself and have the taste of the ultimate “Gelato” experience. A taste so deliciously natural that you’ll be craving for more, minus the guilt.


Frutta la viva offers Singaporeans THE ultimate Italian gelato. Officially opened in August 2005, it already has a loyal customer following who visit its first outlet at Watten Rise on a more than regular basis. Since her opening, Frutta la viva has already been featured in the September issue of SPH’s Family magazine and as the recommended choice for delicious yet healthy ice-cream. It was also featured in the May 2006 issue of I-S magazine and November 2006 Today’s paper. Most recently, Frutta la viva has also been listed in the Makansutra Singapore 2007 with the highest ratings of three bowls and three pairs of chopsticks.

With its more than heartwarming response since its opening, Frutta la viva now seeks to further promote a healthy living to Singaporeans and expand its reach of providing quality low-fat and high quality gelato to more people.

34 Watten Rise (Watten Estate),
Dunearn Road, Singapore 287337
Tel : 64638986

Square 2 @ Novena, #04-02 FoodHall Kiosk A
(outside NTUC Supermarket)


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