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What Makes a Champion?

By NG Chang Siang, Education Success Coach
MindChamps Holdings Ltd

‘’ What makes a champion is a champion mindset. The champion mindset is the transferable commodity, not the skill itself. If you have done something great in one field, you are far more likely to do it in another ‘’ --Professor Allan Snyder FRS

I have a good friend who is a primary school teacher. He also takes on as a role of a coach in flaw ball for the students in his school. Guess what? He never play flaw ball before. Not even that, after he coached his students, they won a school team which was coached by a national flawball player.

That day I met him in our soccer game as we play soccer together every Monday. He played soccer very well and represented his schools when he was very young. I ask him : “ How did you do it…?” “ How can someone with no flaw-ball playing experience train and beat another team whom has an experience coach?”

He replied: “ Oh, I just use the strategy I know in playing soccer and apply to the boys. I let the boys play the flawball, which they are good at,.. while I coached them the strategy and mindset.”

This reminded me of my observation on how he played soccer. He gave his 100% commitment to his game. His desire to win the game is very strong.

We can also learn this mindset from achievers, someone who know what they want in life or results they want to create.

As for students who already have this champion mindset. What they can do is to transfer this mindset into whatever they are currently doing to see results. The question we need to ask ourselves is : Do we want this result bad enough?

Tips to achieve Great Results You Want in Life
  • Mindset: Identify things and events that you are good at.
  • Intention: Visualise that achieving feeling and anchor it to your heart.
  • Action: Do the necessary steps in order to achieve outcome now.

Finally, enjoy and have a blast in everything that you do!

CHANG SIANG, is a 37-years old Education Success Coach and Motivation Workshop trainer. He is a Certified Trainerpreneur and serves as a Competent Leader in IFPAS Toastmasters Club. He serves in the Business Network International Harvest Chapter in Singapore and has been instrumental to the growth of the chapter. He focuses on programs such as Children Education in Mind, Growth, Discovering the Champion in Students which quips children with tools for active understanding, learning and applying.

On top of all the above, Chang Siang is an entrepreneur, education adviser, book illustrator, cartoon trainer, speaker and mentor to students. He is an expert in self-esteem, potential and human development. He also used to be a lecturer at Institute of Education and an art teacher in Community Clubs.

Some of the ongoing personal development programs he has attended are Money and You, Anthony Robbins, AsiaWorks, National Achievers Congress, Kurek Ashley, Awareness Before Change, Trainerpreneur and Success Permission.


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