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After watching that video, I asked myself these questions:
  • What can CommGate do to be a catalyst of Web 2.0 for small-medium businesses?
  • How can CommGate be a platform to support interactions between business applications, databases, text, video, audio - securely?
I know that if we can answer these questions, CommGate will be a very successful company - the most widely used platform for Web 2.0 for small-medium businesses.

Just think about it:
  • AJAX technologies is capable of replacing fat clients. Imagine dragging and dropping security policies on a web-browser?
  • Web based applications such as vTigerCRM replaces a desktop based CRM system while empowering users and businesses to work from anywhere to access their customer data securely.
  • The CommGate built-in VPN makes that a reality.
  • Alfresco and KnowledTree Document Management System replaces a traditional file-server with indexing and search capabilities with "Google Power".
  • Zimbra replaces a traditional mail server and beats MS Exchange in terms of collaboration, workflow, embedded technologies, web-maps, office-apps.
CommGate Web 2.0 anyone? What is it?
  • Maybe it is an integrated web 2.0 platform with a secure hardened OS based on Linux
  • that manages Internet and network bandwidth intelligently for all users
  • which secures the network and itself with integrated firewall, IDS, IPS, content-filter, audit itself and report anomalies with intelligent information which is easily readable by non-techies
  • a web server with built-in intelligence to provide reports from its logs which is useable by sales, marketing and business decision makers
  • an intelligent web server with a robust built-in and most popular SQL database (MySQL) to run all your business applications
  • a secure file-server that could support traditional file-sharing for Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux, BSD and integrates with a document management server
.... could it be all that? It's a dream now... and if we work towards it, I know it will be a reality.

Your thoughts?


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